Tesla completely flipped the age-old automotive industry upside down through rethinking and reimagining the idea of the automobile. A real modern day Henry Ford kind of story, right?

While Tesla’s creative personality has skyrocketed the company into one of the premiere luxury car brands, a few aspects of the Tesla models lagged behind.

Tesla’s marketing team is widely known for its shocking claims about their automobiles, ranging from the promise that all Tesla Superchargers would be solar-powered to zero-emission net energy generators.

Though these claims are gold to the media and are guaranteed to earn you a few headlines, these claims are extremely exaggerated and the impact and strategy behind them is unsustainable.

Tesla has been failing to deliver on many of their promises, and the idea that they are going to create an affordable luxury car is simply unrealistic due to their burn-through rate of money in the last few years in order to fuel the Model X development.

This operating loss has carried over and been evident in the quality of some of the automobile’s more common features including problems with door handles and sunroofs.

Every company when you look through it has its problems. Tesla defines themselves. They do the talking. They boldly explain and define what the automobile and the industry looks like to them and create their own structure. I like Tesla and what they do to disrupt the traditions of the automotive industry and maybe Tesla is the right car for you. My goal is to find what best serves you and in some cases it could very well be one of the Tesla models.



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