Which All-Season Tires Perform Best in Winter?

Dave Bentson Expert Insight

One question that pops up time and time again from past clients: Which all-season tires are best to use during the winter months?

It has been proven that all-season tires are no match for winter tires during snowy, slushy driving months. And in many parts of Europe, winter tires are required by law. I realize that not everyone has the time or space to be swapping out their tires. But make no mistake; there is no alternative to a set of four snow tires when the winter months are here and you’re caught driving in the snow.


As with most car guys, I’ve used a number of tires during my driving history. While slightly pricier than their competitors, I believe Michelin and Continental tires to be the best.

If driving all-season tires year round, I’d opt for Continental.

Confession time: There was a season where a set of ContiProContacts stayed on my wife’s 3-Series through the winter. I will concede that winter tires would have performed better, but it is an x-drive car, and she did not get stuck once.


For shopping on a budget, Goodyear Assurance TripleTred All-Seasons are good option. I’ve used them on a company car in the past, and put a good number of miles on them through a Michigan winter or two. They receive an honorable mention in a past blog post from Tire Rack.

For more information on tire types and brands, news, and reviews, I recommend www.tirerack.com. They are true tire guys and their consumer reviews can be helpful.


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