When Not to Sell: Knowing When to Keep Your Valuable Car

Dave Bentson Expert Insight

One of the ways in which (we) advocate for our clients in the automotive industry sometimes involves not fulfilling their every wish.

A recent client was interested in selling their 1988 Rolls Royce Corniche, an 11,000 mile car that they purchased new. While many folks in the automotive industry are compensated during a transaction, PAG looks out for our client’s best interests even when a transaction isn’t prudent.

In this case, we challenged our client on the necessity to dispose of their vehicle. If they experienced seller’s remorse, PAG would be hard pressed to produce another one-owner ’88 Corniche. Especially one in which they could be the first owner.

Another client expressed interest in selling their 1989 Porsche 911. Air-cooled Porsches appreciate more rapidly than nearly any other car in the current market, and firms representing low mileage air-cooled examples receive “oohhs,” “aahhhs,” and accolades from industry colleagues. However, we knew our client:

  1. Did not need the money
  2. Did not need the extra space, and
  3. Considered eventually gifting this vehicle to his first-born grandson

We raised these concerns but said PAG would be happy to represent the vehicle if he chose to sell. To this day, our client still owns the car and has a few years left of enjoyment until his grandson turns 16.

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