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Add immediate & unique value to your clients

With a partnership with PAG, you can provide counsel on vehicle purchases, sales, and maintenance to your current and potential clients. This lets you add value to your clients, firm, and services portfolio.

Many high-net worth individuals are car collectors or selective buyers. By offering PAG’s expertise as a service, you set yourself apart from other wealth advisors, financial planners, and attorneys.

Value to Your Clients


At our core, both you and PAG are client advocates — digging deeply into their interests, lifestyle, values, and desires.

Sometimes, advocacy takes the form of protecting our clients from making unwise decisions. Other times, we find new solutions to provide our clients the benefit of unexpected value.

A partnership with PAG offers immediate value to your clients. From offering counsel on the purchase of vehicles, fleet management for the large family office or a different perspective from an industry insider, PAG deepens your value to your clients, firm, and services portfolio.

Many of your clients are discerning individuals, family offices or possibly car collectors. By offering PAG’s expertise, you move well beyond service-provider status and solidify your status as a trusted adviser. In the process, you set yourself apart from other wealth advisors, financial planners, and attorneys.

Our range of advice includes:

  • buying and selling
  • fleet management
  • collection audit
  • vendor analysis
  • risk management
  • investment-grade counsel
  • transportation
  • motorsports and car control clinics

Value to Your Firm


An ongoing relationship with PAG means you can offer distinctive services that set you apart — enhancing your relationship with current clients and giving you an entry point to new clients.

PAG works with organizations to plan webinars, seminars, and trips to exclusive car shows, auctions, motorsports, and other automotive events for your selected clients and prospects.

Participation in these events can be part of a retained relationship structure, adding value to your services as an advisor. These events also give you access to successful prospects through a hobby they are passionate about.

Working with PAG


With all of our retainer agreements, PAG maintains a fully transparent fee structure agreed upon by both parties. This inspires client confidence in our objectivity and unwavering commitment to serving their best interests.

Use PAG to
  • Leverage our expertise to help you transition from service provider to trusted adviser

  • Augment your team’s expertise by tapping into our knowledge base

  • Parlay our expertise to strengthen your offerings to clients

Recent Blog Posts
“Dave has advised two of my five largest clients, both highly successful executives, on auto purchases of $75,000 to $150,000.  I can introduce Dave with a high degree of confidence that he will deliver and enhance my relationship with clients in much the same way I might recommend an art appraiser/consultant or attorney/estate planner.”Long-time wealth advisor in the Chicago area
“While I’m the furthest thing from a car guy, my clients have found huge value in the consultative services PAG provides. They truly help my clients make better automotive decisions.”The late Rob O'Dell, Coyle Financial Counsel

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