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Providing Peace of Mind

Your time is valuable. And your peace of mind: priceless, and all too often elusive. This is especially true when it comes to the myriad aspects of caring for your vehicles, whether you are the owner or have been entrusted to provide oversight.

Trust PAG as your adviser, as your advocate, and as a fiduciary committed to nurturing and protecting this valuable asset.

Fleet Management

If your family office is tasked with managing your principal’s fleet, let us be your advocate. Whether it’s the estate manager or the chef, somebody within your domestic staff or family office is the go-to expert internally for your vehicles. We don’t want to replace them—we are here to augment their existing automotive knowledge.

Vetting vendors, managing detailers, overseeing how the vehicles are stored, exercised and maintained —this is just the start of the counsel and support that PAG offers.


Who’s in charge of making plans to replace an aging fleet? Need a vehicle that comes with a factory partition – one that doesn’t exist in the United States? Do you know which vendors hold current State Department contracts for their armoring needs? We work with family offices to address those issues, and many more that are as unique as the people we serve.

Risk Mitigation

At this level, peace of mind is not a commodity.

PAG brings insight through data, historical perspective and attention to the details to foresee what’s most important, and which risks lurk beneath the surface. Where is your principal & family office most at risk? What’s your maximum exposure given X, Y & Z variables? Proactive professionalism eliminates gross negligence.


At this level, we all know, insurance is not a commodity.

Top-flight cars (or fleets) drive the decision-making about which carrier you choose. While respectful of your insurance broker’s role, we offer guidance on how to supplement their expertise with that of specialized industry experts. In tandem with your broker, let us perform an agreed-value audit.

Risk Management Audit by an Automotive Fiduciary

  • A vehicular audit for the large family office managing a fleet of vehicles
  • Maintenance: let us decide which tires go on your luxury car, for example
  • A granular-level insurance audit (for example: pulling date codes on tires)
  • Acquisition and disposal of vehicles from your fleet
Use PAG to
  • Find the vehicle that’s right for my needs
  • Get value for my purchase
  • Save the time and hassle that comes with car purchases/sales
  • Oversee maintenance issues

Kelley Blue Book is owned by Cox Enterprises, who also owns AutoTrader — the online used car seller.’s 3.5 million paid vehicle listings are largely driven by more than 40,000 car dealers. They link to KBB reports to justify their prices. It’s in the best interest of dealers for values to be more “optimistic” so that they can charge more for used cars. More profits for dealers means more postings on AutoTrader. This begs the question: is KBB able to remain fair and unbiased?

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