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Find the car of your dreams without the nightmares.

You spend a lot of time in your car — commuting to work and traveling with your family — so it’s important that your vehicle fits your unique demands. As a smart consumer, you enjoy finding deals. But the effort of researching, inspecting, and price haggling that comes with car shopping is not worth your valuable time. Let PAG handle the hassle for you. Trust us as your advocate. And save you time and money in the process.  



Whether you’re looking for a luxury sedan or high-end SUV, we can use our network to find and purchase your ideal vehicle. Leave the details to us and know you’ll get the best deal possible for a new or pre-owned car that meets your needs.

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Score the top dollar when selling your vehicle. We call upon our network of dealers, private buyers, and experience in negotiation and pricing that goes well beyond Kelley Blue Book appraisals.

Use PAG to
  • Find the vehicle that’s right for my needs
  • Get value for my purchase
  • Save the time and hassle that comes with car purchases/sales
  • Oversee maintenance issues

Kelley Blue Book is owned by Cox Enterprises, who also owns AutoTrader — the online used car seller.’s 3.5 million paid vehicle listings are largely driven by more than 40,000 car dealers. They link to KBB reports to justify their prices. It’s in the best interest of dealers for values to be more “optimistic” so that they can charge more for used cars. More profits for dealers means more postings on AutoTrader. This begs the question: is KBB able to remain fair and unbiased?

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