Fee Structure

Retained Model

When our clients retain PAG, they have exclusive access to all that we do—our vast knowledge, our network of top-flight industry professionals, and our expertise in a myriad of market niches, such as armored vehicles. At all times, you know who’s working for you—and that we are committed to providing unparalleled, discreet service.

Contact us for a one-on-one consultation. Through a detailed discovery process, we can help design a bespoke program that is tailored precisely to your specifications. 

Tiers of Service

Car Collector
  • For those making their first collector-car purchase, or expanding a small collection of luxury, exotic, or collector cars
  • We oversee everything from routine maintenance to hiring a collection manager
  • A car collector who wants to do most of the management himself or herself but wants consultation on important decision-making
  • For those who want a range of PAG guidance, from facilitating numerous steps along the way to functioning as a behind-the-scenes sounding board that furnishes bespoke counsel
  • For those who frequently use their vehicles abroad
Small Family Office
  • Counsel on linchpin decisions: smaller retainer arrangement that can be navigated easily by all family members
  • Periodic counsel for family member looking to start a small collection
  • Second opinion before your next “Bring a Trailer” impulse buy
  • Guidance on upgrading the family fleet 
Large Family Office
  • Advocate and source of expertise for the family office member whose responsibility includes vehicles
  • Succession planning: for your fleet, for your vendors, and when the family office member responsible for this important asset class moves on.
  • Armored vehicles: we offer a vehicular audit, undergirded by intimate knowledge of armored vehicles and with a premium on preserving your client’s privacy. This includes an updated overview of plans, procedures and other key infrastructure elements.
  • Keenly aware of your principal’s desire to mitigate liability, we implement the necessary plans and procedures encompassing vehicular safety and staff training.
  • Counsel on your management of the extensive moving parts overseeing vehicles in various geographic locations
  • Ability to navigate and provide counsel regarding an uneven vendor network and uneven staff expertise across multiple domiciles 
  • Provide counsel to the investment division of the family office looking to devote resources within the automotive industry: dealership, Tier 1 supplier, mobility, storage.
  • We have clients with a current vested interest in various segments of our industry, such as motor sports, dealerships, suppliers and manufacturers.
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