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Precision Auto Group is a fee-based automotive advisory and services firm. Our professional expertise is provided to our clients on either an hourly, project, or retained basis. This means we receive no commissions, referral fees, bird dog payments, brokerage fees, or any other hidden fees/payments during our client engagement. We work as an advocate for our clients, with a 100% transparent fee structure agreed upon by both parties. This means our clients can rest assured our automotive advice is objective, with their best interests in mind at all times.


Start-the-clock, hourly advice — where clients have specific questions answered or seek advice for their personal collection.

Project Based Packages

Fees for this category are meant to reflect the breadth of services, along with the degree of complexity, of our clients’ needs. Whether they are looking to acquire their first supercar, thin out a collection, or restore the old 911 they once loved, we can create a package to fit each client’s unique circumstance.

Retained Model

When our clients (and their cars) choose to retain PAG, they have exclusive access to our vast knowledge of market trends, maintenance, preservation, and restorations. We encourage potential clients to set up a one-on-one consultation where a customized package can be built to suit.

Tiers of Service

Level 1
  • Clients in this category typically own five vehicles or less, serviced by no more than two service facilities.
  • The vehicles are kept at one or two locations, (i.e. primary residence and vacation property).
  • These clients are often making their first investment grade collector-car purchase, or periodically expanding a small collection of luxury, exotic, or collector cars.
  • Clients in this category will benefit from the peace of mind that comes with the ability of their spouse to drop off their vehicle for service, drive away in a dealership loaner vehicle, and have the service adviser call us to determine what is best for your vehicle.
Level 2
  • Clients in this category typically own 4-12 vehicles – including several in the collector-vehicle category. Multiple service facilities are used.
  • The vehicles may be located in several cities, and by a spouse, where the client works, vacations, or chooses to store a collector vehicle.
  • No longer a first-time buyer in the luxury or collector-car segment, this client has been active in the collector-car market for several years, and own several such vehicles.
  • Clients in this segment would benefit from a PAG-guided tour of an automotive assembly plant or local exotic car dealership.
Level 3
  • Clients in this category usually own more than 12 vehicles, serviced, and domiciled at multiple locations.
  • This client values precise maintenance to their fleet, but their focus is on preservation and restoration of the rest of their collection.
  • This client is proficient in the automotive marketplace, and views his or her collection as an extension of their personality and style.
  • Clients in this segment would benefit from a one-on-one consultation conducted at a wholesale or collector car auction, higher end car show or to physically be a part of the next PPI performed on an acquisition target.
Level 4
  • Our clients in this category frequently ship their exotic vehicles in the U.S. or globally for car shows, to a new city due to a business venture, or to their next vacation destination.
  • Most likely, these clients possess a dealer’s license for tax purposes, employs staff to help manage their collection, and possibly maintains/preserves pieces within their collection internally.
  • Clients in this category have purchased vehicles from a variety of dealerships, auctions, brokers, wholesalers, and private parties in the past. They have multiple facilities they trust depending on the geographic location, vehicle and scope of project.
  • Many times clients in this category, in addition to possessing a dealers license, will have a vested interest in one or more of the facilities they trust with their vehicles.
  • Clients in this segment will be considering a run for Best-in-Class at Pebble Beach in the future. They view their collection not only as a hobby, but as diversification to the rest of their portfolio. Their concern is not damage incurred during use, but a lack of exercise for certain pieces within their collection.
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