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Having acquired and sold many vehicles, you understand the all-consuming time and effort involved. You also recognize the ever-present myriad of risks that bedevil the collector car industry.

Even with the most exhaustive due diligence, you are vulnerable to hazards all along the way: lack of transparency, conflicts of interest, and other blind curves that pervade this highly specialized niche.

From the relative newcomer to the most sophisticated collector, we have the market knowledge—both historical and cutting-edge—to deliver extraordinary results. Our aim, always: to exceed expectations.

The net effect: you can spend your time enjoying your collection. Turn to PAG as your trusted automotive adviser in much the same way you rely on your attorney, family office, or consigliere to act in a fiduciary capacity.

We have ample experience working with clients who demand the utmost discretion and embrace the truth that we have a fiduciary responsibility to cultivate and protect your collection as if it were our own.



Think differently about your collection. As paradigm-shift experts in procurement logistics, we invite you to tap into our extensive knowledge of the automotive marketplace — brokers, dealers, auction houses, and private treaty sales and our network of private sellers –to bolster your existing collection.

Acquiring cars should be fun: the joy of raising the bidding paddle, the camaraderie of 1-on-1 time with industry titans. PAG enables a heightened car-acquisition experience by toiling in the trenches for you. Travel, inspections, documentation review, the authenticity audit, negotiations—we perform all those tedious tasks and tactics. Doing so clears a path for your precious time, and your peace of mind.

And by attending to those details, we help you separate the rare, great collector car from the abundance of good ones.

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There are times where addition comes by subtraction. When you prune your collection by eliminating the weakest link, then it can no longer cast a shadow over the entire fleet.

Perhaps part of it was acquired in relative haste and is not nearly of the same caliber as your well-sourced pieces. Or your purchase came several years ago, well before you developed your current level of sophistication and taste.

Whatever the circumstances, our expertise includes identifying and communicating the narrative that best positions each part of your collection, and the collection as a whole, for optimal ROI.

We have vast experience with the retail and wholesale marketplace.  Our knowledge of marketplace trends, the way we package and present any given vehicle, the avenues we choose to make a sale, details like seasonal shifts in the market—it all matters, and we are well versed in the subtle choices that can pave the way to outsized returns.


Everyone in the industry has opinions about what constitutes optimal care for your collection. Often, those views merely skim the surface—it’s much more than dust and security.

For example, what photos exist of your collection? Did the grandchildren turn “location services” off? What about vendors and employees—which ones have access to the building in which your collection is stored? And, though you may not give it much thought, we prompt you to consider who may be your foremost rivals or adversaries. What precautions should you consider in that regard?

Certainly, then, properly caring for this asset class that you adore goes well beyond power, fuel and tire management. We also analyze temperature, humidity, dust management, filtration, security, and pest control, among other measures.

Optimal care for your collection encompasses storage, security, logistics, detailing, and more. It entails cultivating a mindset in which conservation and preservation are at the forefront. And through it all, it is imperative to implement an exercise routine for every one of your vehicles that is not currently corked.

A miraculous assembly of 30,000 parts, an automobile is the most highly sophisticated machine you will ever touch. For your vehicle to function properly, those parts must work cohesively together.

Bearing that in mind, what is the chance that you can hire a tech from your favorite garage to capably service your pre-war British beauty, your post-war German piece of master craftmanship, not to mention your American muscle car and contemporary classic?

Spoiler alert: that tech simply doesn’t exist. Your collection cries out for a full-time curator and world-class technicians. Of course, one size will not fit all for the most sophisticated collectors. PAG is well versed in identifying the best, most qualified vendors who are uniquely equipped to repair and care for your cars.


When a client retains PAG’s services, it often marks the start of a relationship spanning years. If your collection is relatively small and requires only a handful of hours every now and then, we are at your service.  If you have an intense set of pressing needs that require a heavy lift—and fast—we have the agility to dive headlong into the situation.

What may seem urgent to you is simply routine business for us: PAG is already at that auction advising other clients, and we are happy to address your needs and wants at the same time. We are already in Arizona the third week of January, on Amelia Island in March and, of course, you will find us on the Monterey Peninsula every August.

We understand the passion that comes from a carefully curated collection of vehicles. A love of cars is woven into our DNA. We know you have an emotional connection to the cars you own and why you love them. And it takes that shared love of cars — as well as time and careful attention — to give each collection the focus they deserve.

So, whether you have 15 or 150, our unmatched industry acumen and dedication to service frees you up to spend more time enjoying your cars.

Attain ‘Automotive Metanoia’

Some of the ways we help foster a paradigm shift that alters how you view your collection:

  • Conduct a collection audit. Your weakest car compromises the integrity of your best. We provide a set of fresh expert eyes to evaluate & analyze your already thoroughly curated collection
  • Audit your current automotive experts to ensure they are acting in a fiduciary capacity
  • Augment your depth of knowledge
  • Bridge the divide between your passion for your collection and your advisory team’s level of knowledge
Use PAG to
  • Add to vehicle collection; obtain a prized exotic or luxury car
  • Double-check your automotive knowledge
  • Ask questions about your collection
  • Save time and money
  • Have someone care for your cars with the same care you would yourself
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