Classic Cars: A Healthy Investment?

Dave Bentson Car FAQs

Right now, a trend in car circles is an influx of buyers acquiring classic cars as an investment. The appreciation numbers are enticing, with some cars seeing values increase over 600% over a few short months. But this growth is not sustainable. CNBC interviewed us recently about the value growth …

When to Fill Up with Premium Fuel

Dave Bentson Car FAQs

Most luxury and high performance cars advise the use of premium fuel. But the higher price at the pump can make some drivers wonder, “Do I have to use it?” So, can you get away with topping off with regular? I recommend the use of premium in these three key …

Child in car seat

Will a Carseat Fit in My Dream Luxury Car?

Dave Bentson Car FAQs

I was recently asked by a client if a car seat can fit in their next potential vehicle, an Audi A4. Since I had successfully purchased an Audi A4 soon before for a client who also needed an infant car seat to come along for the ride, I was well equipped to answer. …