Buying Process

1: Discovery.

This critical first step in our process helps us frame your current automotive footprint. We get to know you and your unique characteristics, your likes and dislikes, as well as your current stable of automotive experts. We tailor our relationship to collectors of all sizes, family offices and private clients. For our industry clients, consider a paradigm shift with strategic partnerships that you never imagined possible.

2: Audit.

Often during the discovery process, we identify areas that will require a further audit:

You came to us to buy X, but you really should be looking at Y…one of your cars compromises the integrity, and value, of your overall collection…you bought into a Ferrari dealership because they wouldn’t give you the allocation you wanted…despite your best intentions, you are putting your principal at risk by not fully vetting your vendors and weeding out the key details from the minutiae.

3: Engagement.

Next, we define an engagement based on your need. If you are a car collector, undoubtedly you have identified areas where we can augment your current collection staff. If you bought into a dealership hoping to obtain the next supercar allocation, there is a better way. If you have a cultural issue at your dealership or auction house, we can help bring about automotive metanoia. If you never want to have to make a decision again—Michelins or Pirellis?—we’ve got you covered.

4: Future Planning.

Many times, the need is imminent, but we must not neglect future planning. A mistake was made. Money was lost. Your principal is at risk. The integrity of your entire organization is in question. Once an engagement has commenced and the immediate need addressed, let’s circle back and ensure plans are in place to avoid repeating painful history.