What Car Dealerships Can Learn from Hotels About Client Trust

Dave Bentson Expert Insight

In a recent article, Arne Sorenson, President and CEO of Marriott International, discussed the move to online customer reviews by hotels and how it has changed the hospitality industry. While many hotel companies, including Marriott, were hesitant to open up reviews to customers (“‘What if there’s a negative review?!?’”), they …

Not Factoring in Long-Term Costs – 4 Mistakes When Buying Pre-Owned Exotic Cars

Dave Bentson 4 Mistakes When Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Cars

In this series, we’ll talk through the most common mistakes made when purchasing pre-owned exotic cars, and some tips on how to avoid these pitfalls. MISTAKE 1: NOT FACTORING IN LONG-TERM MAINTENANCE COSTS Owning an exotic car is a feat coveted by many people. With depreciation schedules on exotic vehicles …

Child in car seat

Will a Carseat Fit in My Dream Luxury Car?

Dave Bentson Car FAQs

I was recently asked by a client if a car seat can fit in their next potential vehicle, an Audi A4. Since I had successfully purchased an Audi A4 soon before for a client who also needed an infant car seat to come along for the ride, I was well equipped to answer. …