All Red Cars Are Great

Dave Bentson 4 Mistakes When Buying Pre-Owned Luxury Cars, Car FAQs, Expert Insight

I have two clients who daily drive a Porsche 997 Turbo. Here in the Midwest, with the closest thing to snow tires made for the car, they both have assured me it’s a great car in less than 6” of snow. I have another client that daily drives his Land Rover Defender 90. A D90 as a daily driver; that’s a car designed in 1948 that hasn’t much changed in the past 68 years.

All this to say, each person has truly different preferences that are unique to them. And those can change based on context: weather, time of year, geographic location, road conditions, number of occupants, your threshold for maintenance expenses (and intervals). Not to mention budget. So when I get asked is “Which car should I buy?” I’ve developed an analogy.


You might be the kind of person who likes a fresh (like flown in this morning from Maine fresh) exquisitely prepared succulent lobster on an evening in July. Or maybe you prefer your choice cut of prime dry-aged medium rare steak in November. It all depends what you’re in the mood for. And might I add, how fresh the seafood is…

It’s the exact same for your choice of vehicle. Let’s get back to the basics—what really matters when looking for your next vehicle? Stay away from bias based on color preference (I must have a red car), mileage, options, and putting the weight on price. I’m not saying blow your budget. But weigh other variables heavier.


– How many owners has the car had?

– If purchasing “new,” how many miles were on it when the first owner is reported?

– What type of ownership? And who owned it previously?

– Where was it serviced? And how long has the technician worked there?


Call me so that we can determine which vehicle is right for you. Let me wade through the billions of marketing dollars spent every week for advertisements on which vehicle is best, and let’s determine which course of action makes the most sense for you.

Once we know what we’re looking for, let me track down the right car for you. I will verify ownership history and service documents, throwing aside discussions about a “clean CARFAX” and instead talk about things like original paint. Let me dive into the history of the car while ensuring it fits your lifestyle and collection. Or, if you would rather, come along for the ride and engage with me in what I call “car coaching.” Either way, the end result will be an enjoyable ownership experience that you can feel proud of.




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