Advisor Partners

Offer exclusive expertise from an automotive fiduciary firm.

With a partnership with PAG, you can provide counsel on vehicle purchases, sales, and maintenance to your current and potential clients. This lets you add value to your clients, firm, and services portfolio.

Many high-net worth individuals are car collectors or selective buyers. By offering PAG’s expertise as a service, you set yourself apart from other wealth advisors, financial planners, and attorneys.

Partner with PAG to:

  • Connect PAG with clients who would benefit from their services
  • Add a point of distinction with current or potential clients
  • Open doors to new high-net-worth clients
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“While I’m the furthest thing from a car guy, my clients have found huge value in the consultative services PAG provides. They truly help my clients make better automotive decisions.”

— Rob O’Dell, Coyle Financial Counsel, Chicago/Naples

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